At Tinas Place your Vacation is fun guaranteed, from Snorkeling and Diving to Food and Drinks, Tinas Place assures you that your rooms is clean, comfortable and relaxing. Our Tiled Bathroom, Kitchen and Floors will keep the dirt and dust away. Comfort yourself with our free Wi-FI and Cabled TV and relax at our sofas / wooden chairs in your veranda while watching the sunset and sunrise.
Safety is our first priority, in every tourist place in the world bad people exist mostly burglars, but our guards (Human and Dog) on duty will secure the place. CCTV Camera’s are installed for the safety of many. Sabang Tanod (Police) is roaming the area too (Occasionally).
Power Black-Out is very common here in Sabang specially when it’s raining, but that’s not a problem for our 20000 Watts Generator.
Tinas Cottages has overall 8 Cottages 5 at beach front, room 1 and 2 located near the dive shop are intended for single or couple where room 3 is located at the middle and can accommodate a whole family, bathrooms and wash area are build in all accommodation while room 3 has an extra kitchen with 2 bathrooms and 1 extra room constructed. 3 Rooms at the top of the Restaurant who shares 1 Big Kitchen with Refrigerator and wash area is build for the 3 rooms.

Superior Beach Front/ Poolside (w/ breakfast)
Family Room Beach Front/ Poolside (no breakfast) (max. 5 pax)
Deluxe Room Beach Front/ Poolside (w/ breakfast)
Deluxe Room Beach Front only (w/ breakfast)
Standard A/C Room Beachfront/ Poolside (w/ breakfast)
Standard A/C Room (no breakfast)

Affiliated Resorts of Tina’s: (family members)
Donna’s Rooms:
– Hillside Room w/ Ocean View

– Standard A/C Room
– Fan Room
Beatriz Lodge: Standard A/C Room Fan Room
Sergio’s Lodge: Standard A/C Room Fan Room
Aida’s Villa: Standard A/C Room Fan Room
For inquiries email us at for more details.