Our former sleepy fishing barrio has came out into a dedicated community of dive operators, personable vacation homes, dine-inn’s and restaurants was build for tourist’s. Gladly Tina’s Reef Divers Cottages and Restaurant kept up with the local and foreign establishment, and we are one of the best that exist here. Tina’s Place will give you an experience full of extravagant service. Aside from having great tasty foods at our beachfront dining deck that’s perfect for a day wandering and sightseeing.

Our staff that’s full of enthusiasm and has the characters of good, honest, cheerful, hospitable, coordinated and proper trained in handling costumers and visitors will attend to all your needs 24/7. Our staff will also assist you to any of these activities.

Land Trips

Craving for the wind?, well we can arrange a road trip for you to see the island’s beauty and have a picnic of your own choice. You can take a stroll along the main road, take a detour on some native villages (Mangyan Villages) engaged to a nature tripping by land. We offer motorbike rental of 500-700 (Pesos) per day “Full tanked” a cheap price you can afford to explore the land.

Island Hopping

Sail on and sail away! Discover the wonder of Mindoro from Island to Island step into the shoes of an adventurer and visit a beach that’s only for your eyes to see. Have a picnic in one of the Island beaches and enjoy the good life away from the loud environment.


Snorkeling is also one great fun to kill the time, if you are a first timer of the great sea we recommend you to try Snorkeling before gearing up for a dive.  For 100 pesos you have a mask and snorkel add 50 to boost your speed into the ocean with the fins.

Canoe Ride (Kayaking)

Canoe Ride (Kayak) tempting to get wet, sweat and tanned?, or race with a friend to one point to another, lurk above the ocean for some goodness. Then Canoe Ride is for you, 100 pesos per hours only. You can easily row away and paddle against the waves.

Fun is always when you had a great time, don’t be afraid to try new things that’s why it’s called vacation your free to do things you’ve never done, see things you’ve never seen lastly explore and adopt other cultures way of living.