Tinas Reef Divers Cottages and Restaurant is more than a Dive Center with Accommodation, we also offer you a relaxing and refreshing moments at our restaurant. The Variety of foods and drinks are for everyone’s taste, from western style preparation to our very own native preparation, but either way our costumer can adjust the way he wants his food and drinks done by asking the waiter/waitresses.

The Restaurant at the beach front is a one way to have a relaxing day after dive or before dive. Enjoy the passing dive boats getting to their dive destinations, watch the small fishes that are waiting for you to trow them some bread and when you’re lucky when the flood is high you might see some sea snakes or octopus and crabs.


The Restaurant became one of the “Sabang’s Finest Restaurant to dine” because of its atmosphere the environment and the serving of delicious food and drinks. Costumers from different places are visiting our Restaurant because of its unique structure design, clean water beach front with spotlight when the night falls and discrete environment. The silence of no jeeps, tricycles, motors etc. are great for nature lover who wants to enjoy the splashing sea waves, birds humming and sometimes the monkeys noice at the top of the hill. We also have music of different genres to brighten the aura of couples.


Our costumer is our work, and the work is our inpiration to do best