Scuba Diving

Most visitors to Sabang are attracted by the excellent scuba diving provided by the protected marine sanctuary. The dive sites feature a large variety of small sea life with the occasional shark or turtle. Several sites are drift dives and often turn into (strong) current dives with the best diving (for coral and small life) being at 18m or 60 feet.

Almost all of the dive sites are within a 5 minute boat ride of from the beach which allows you to spend your surface interval on the shore.

We certainly offer the best deals when it comes to scuba diving! We have the best instructors and dive masters to assist and help you on your dive.


“A bad day Dive is always better than a good day at the office working”

Tinas Reef Divers

Here at Tinas Reef Divers we offer everything from the best Instructor in Sabang till to the well trained crew. The Dive Shop is clean and we keep it like that. We may not be the biggest DIVE shop around but when it comes to service, we provide not only the best but we make sure that your DIVING experience is one of the most beautiful days you’ve spent here in the Philippines. Our goal is not only to show you the beauty of Philippines, but also to introduce you the underwater marine life. The Passion we have in protecting the lives of thousand different species from Chondrichthyes (Fish) to Polyp (Coral Reefs) became our work and as hobby as well.

Located at the end of the beach, a beautiful spot where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset while breath in the sweet sea breeze and feed your eyes with the goodness of our nature. Tinas Reef Divers is created for discerning divers, and to everyone who appreciates serenity and tranquility of a paradise Island.

Tinas Reef Divers are filled with good diving equipment’s and staffs that will attend to your needs. Our staff are communicable, honest and sweet in manners that you would experience the good traits of our people, you will be greeted with a smile and Tinas Place will a sure that you’re in comfort and safety. Our infrastructure is build for convenience.

Tinas Reef Divers at front with the accommodation beside it is only a few steps away from where you will be staying. No need to worry of being late on dive calls and rushing yourself meaningless. Our Dive Shop and Accommodation is a perfect combo for a perfect relaxing Dive. You make your own time manage your perfect dive and call it a day while relaxing at your cottage. Also don’t forget to sneak and pay a visit in our restaurant to refresh your mind.

Equipment & Boats

Tinas Reef Divers has equipments from good to best, almost all of our equipment are brand new and a few are only 2-3 years old. We Value our costumers safety anything that can harm our divers we disposed it immediately. We also have dive computers that can assist you while underwater for more accurate dive time, deep indicator and temperature measurement are the characters of a computer. Thou our underwater camera is not for free to use but we may let it rent for a certain amount.

“Divers are not soldiers, do not ever think of bringing your weapons with you, you are not going to a battlefield”

Our Speedboat capacity is maximum of 10 persons, we also have a reserve in case of emergency. Every now and then we check our Speedboats for repairs. This type of diving boat is more convenient for back-roll entry, there is also no problems in getting in after the dive we have a stainless ladder where you can use to get in. Diving is more fun when everything is smooth from excellent service of our staff, good and high-tech equipment and gadgets and a trouble less boat ride to start your dive.

“A Good Dive is only Good when you came back at the surface ALIVE”